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Come on down to LTUE!

Starting tomorrow the Marriot Convention Center in Provo, Utah will be hosting the Life The Universe and Everything Symposium of Science Fiction and Fantasy. This is an amazing little con for fans, writers, artists, gamers and everything in between. I went for the first time when I was 17, about a million years ago. Since then the symposium has grown in size and quality, attracting all kinds of top talent to come and present.

This is my second year back to the Con after taking a break to work and make a family and I'm so thrilled to be presenting and participating on panels. So here's my schedule for those who are interested:

Thursday at 12:00 - Technical and Freelance Writing for Fun and Profit

Thursday at 1:00 - Writing Groups Meetup room - This is across the street so if you see me running through the halls just follow along and come to the meetup!

Friday at 10:00 - The Hottest Women in Science Fiction!

Friday at 3:00 - Editor Booth - Come and get 500 words edited!

Saturday at 10:00 - Traditional versus Self Publishing! Epic Throwdown

Saturday at 1:00 - Writing Groups Meetup room

When I'm not teaching or in one of the rooms I'll be at other amazing presentations or wandering the hall. Feel free to stop me for a chat, as long as I'm not headed for the restroom!

Can't wait to get started!

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