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Fallen Stone Now Available for Pre-Order

Fallen Stone, the first in my Sentinels of Essence series just went live for pre-orders with a release date of May 16th.

I can't tell you absolutely thrilled I am! This book has been in progress for about 10 years off and on. It started as an entry to a first chapter contest with the vision of this woman hanging off the side of a skyscraper while a gargoyle looked down at her from the roof. It's changed some since that original beginning, though it still opens with that same vision. A woman hanging off a rooftop, about to rob the office inside and she has no idea just how much trouble that's going to be.

So here's the pretty cover and cover copy. I'll give more sneak peaks and information as we get closer to the official release. I hope you'll love Misery as much as I do.

Misery died so she could save the world. That’s what they told her. Turns out they lied. She was once a holy warrior with a noble cause. Now she’s using her earth magic to scrape by, meal to meal, motel to motel, city to city, one step ahead of those who call her traitor. Her jobs aren’t glamorous, but in the end, beggars can't be choosers and work pays the bills. Denver was supposed to be just one more stop over. But between an overly enthusiastic roommate, a gorgeous healer, and a challenging – not to mention lucrative – job for the Chimera Lord of Denver, Misery isn’t finding it easy to leave. When she discovers the lesser fae are going missing, Misery finds a new cause, a paycheck and many reasons to stay. She just hopes pursuing them won’t get her killed…again.

Pre-order on Amazon

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