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Hi folks,

One of my favorite things to do, when I'm not writing, parenting, editing, or other such is teaching. I love working with my fellow authors to help create more success for all of us. I'm lucky enough that I've been invited to a handful of cons and chapter meetings in the next couple of months. So, for the interested, here's the upcoming schedule! I'm sure to add a few more things later in the summer, but this should get us started!

March 16: Utah Marketing Symposium - The Dos and Don'ts of Email lists

April 10: LUW Monkey Chapter Meeting - Self Editing! Trimming your first 10%

April 27: LUW Spring Conference - Beyond the Triangle: The Geometry of Relationships

June 6: LUW Oquirrh Hills Chapter Meeting - Writing Disease and Disability without the Drama

Please come and join me!

Need someone to present about book craft, editing, or book advertising? Drop me a line!

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